Friday, April 27, 2007

Comedy Assassin

Nobody kills comedy momentum quite like Steadman. He is... The Comedy Assassin.

I also did a second one... kinda like this one better.

I've had some requests to include the original posters and photos I use so people can see what i did during the spoof changes. So I will try and start posting the originals. I'll try and go back and fill in the old ones if I still have the originals.

original posters...

Collar Poppers

I found this while going through some old files. I remember doing this one but don't think I ever sent it in. the show was talking about frat boys being 80's retor and wearing pastel polo shirts and popping their collars up like some of us did *cough cough* back in the real 1980's. I laugh at this a lot.

original photo...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Half-baked Cooking

Today's date being 4/20 seemed to bring out all the Hemp Heads once again. The topics mostly seemed to be about how to cook with pot. So that being said... sounds like Shannon and SBK need a cooking show. Hmmmm

300 Pounds

Cabin Boy's Wench of the Week was a spoof of the movie '300' starring Jimmy D. The spoof is called '300 Pounds'. You can listen to it here.

I thought this one was funny and deserved a poster. Enjoy.

original poster...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Beard of Evil

Shannon is letting the 'Evil Beard' grow back. He's been too 'nice' since shaving it off. But he should keep his options open...

Shannon Burke is BURKIE

Apparently Shannon is going to be part of Jim Philip's Celebrity Cross-dressing Pageant for charity... hmmmm

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Burke To The Future

While looking through my thumb drive (where i keep my Burke files) I realized I have done several 'spoofs' for the Shannon Burke Show and have neglected to post them to the blog. So without further delay...

Cabin Boy did a Wench of the Week using the Back to the Future movie. It was called Burke to the Future. So...

original poster...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Lube n' Meat

There was a topic on the show about multi service gay gas stations (or something like that). What if Shannon opened one?

No Longer Pluto Nash

Back when I did this one Pluto had been declassified as a planet bringing our solar system officially down to 8 planets. I thought that this kills SBK's movie deal on the remake of Pluto Nash...

The Olde Cup & Saucer

Steadman owns a loose tea shop in Orlando. He's shamelessly plugged it whenever he could and apparently he has the 'loosest teas in Orlando'. This one was too easy...