Tuesday, November 01, 2005



As a Web Developer and Graphic Designer I listen to the radio all day. Since Top 40 sucks... and i can usually count on hearing whatever pre-packaged, teen, sugar-pop song is being sold as the latest and great every hour on the hour... I choose to listen to talk radio. It makes the day go faster and actually lightens a hectic schedule and provides a chuckle and a guffaw. One of my favorite shows is the Shannon Burke Show on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando (weekdays 11-3) plug plug plug.

Anyway they discuss numerous topics of the day and some of them become 'lightning in a bottle' and spark my creativly deprived brain. I keep a list of items they discuss and as time permits I create 'vignettes' of the topics... sometimes melding two or more together to make something funny. typically I take one or more of their heads, cut it out, then proceed to paste it onto whatever bodies I find fit the theme. However I do not just slap it on. I take the time to blend skin tones, head positions, and the like to make it look like an actual photograph they might have taken. Most are pretty darn convincing. I also make up advertisments for fake products based on the topics discussed.

From time to time I do my own spoofs as well based on whatever is going on in the world.

What follows are pieces of some of my work... I hope you enjoy.

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